Wild Roots - Gold Dust Peach + Goji Berry

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When juicy peaches combine with its super fruit counterpart we have a match made in fruit heaven. Floral, fruity and full of flavour.

One brand, 5 flavours, a million reasons why. With climate change and deforestation an ever growing problem, we feel that now is the time for our industry to take control of our outputs and give back. Supporting the Plant For The Planet campaign, Wild Roots in partnership with the ever growing 3 million Vapers in the UK wants to spearhead our industries call to action.

It is estimated that there will be 55 million vapers globally by the end of 2021 if we could all play our part to give a little back we could support global reforestation which could capture 25% of global annual carbon emissions and create wealth in the global south.

Our #onebottleonetree campaign is exactly that. A promise, Wild Roots will plant one tree for every bottle sold globally with an aim to have planted 1 million trees by 2022. Supporting planting projects globally and bringing our industry’s community a little closer to nature. Our mission was to make something that's really tasty, really different and has an amazing story. Wild Roots, Leaving our mark on the world one bottle at a time.


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